RE/MAX Megaphone

Built with Vue & Laravel in 2020

A custom advertising platform and SPA for 10,000+ RE/MAX agents across the US. Built from the ground up for automating agent listing ads on social media and web search.


Built with Next.js & Wordpress in 2020

A feature rich web app built for renowned chiptune/video game composer Eric W Brown. It allows for seamless streaming of his full discography while browsing his JAMstack and GraphQL powered blog and learning articles.

WOW! Telecom

Built with React in 2019

A service selection front end built for WOW! Telecom. This is used by their US customers when selecting internet and cable packages available in their region.

PCI Infocus

Built with Vue and Wordpress in 2019

A landing page and convention info guide for PCI Infocus events with countdown and event schedules.


Built with Next.js and Tailwind in 2019

An open source and free alternative to LinkTree built using the best web tools.

Swagtron Store

Built with Vue and Wordpress in 2018

A headless ecommerce store for one of the largest hover board companies in the US.

White Groves Barber

Built with Vue and Wordpress in 2018

A landing page and reservation booking site for my favorite Loveland barber shop.


Built with Unity and SteamVR in 2021

A VR adventure inspired by Myst and early Rareware games that takes place on an island in a dream.
Find the secret at the core of the island and try to wake up.

Vapor Mall

Built with Unity 3D and Blender in 2021

A homage to the 90’s and vaporwave aesthetics.
An entire mall filled with art installations and strange interactable experiences that bend the mind.

Bug Out

Built with Unity 3D in 2021

Built over a few weeks during a retro game jam. Bug Out is an arcade style 2 player beat em up inspired by Joust and Zombies Ate My Neighbors.